Sunday, March 04, 2007

stupid talking cats

Title: Cat in a Quicksilver Caper
Author: Carole Nelson Douglas

Temple's a PR agent in Vegas. She's in an on/off relationship with Max, a professional magician who also works for some secret organization. And she's also falling for Matt, the ex-Catholic priest who lives upstairs. And she has this cat named Midnight Louie who solves crimes and gets to narrate his own chapters.

This whole cast of characters has been around for a few other books, which I think I may have read at least one or two of.

There's an exhibition of Russian Diamonds going on, Temple's working PR, and some guy dies trying to steal them. There's other stuff involved, which, again, I don't remember because I read the book a while ago. But they figure it all out.

And at the very end of the book, after he's already decided to be selfless and encourage Temple to go for Matt, someone sabotages Max's equipment and he dies. Which sucks, because he's way more interesting than Matt... And the death takes place in the last chapter, setting up the next book. I hate when they do that.

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