Saturday, April 07, 2007

yay vampires?

Title: Valley of Silence
Author: Nora Roberts

This is the conclusion to the trilogy that I started reading here. I apparently managed to miss the middle book. That would be when the second couple got together from among the 6 main characters. This being the conclusion, the last two inevitably end up together.

The last two characters? The queen of a magical land in an alternate universe (Moira), and a vampire (Cian).

We can gloss over this one pretty easily. There’s an epic battle in Geall, Moira’s kingdom, between the vampires and everyone else. Lots of people die. Moira knows Cian can’t and won’t stay with her. They defeat Lillith. Cian goes home to modern-day NYC and Moira stays in Geall, both miserable. And then Morrigan, the goddess who started them all on this quest to defeat Lillith, visits Cian and makes him mortal again. So he goes back to Geall and he and Moira live happily ever after, though not forever, since he can die now.

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