Saturday, August 25, 2007

yay! hunky special ops guy!

Title: Innocent as Sin
Author: Elizabeth Lowell

Kayla – banker
Rand – former special ops type, now a landscape painter
Saint Kilda – special ops type consulting company so they don’t have to deal with bureaucracy
Andre Bertone – evil arms dealer now living as rich businessman

Banker framed for laundering money by AB
Rand looking for revenge against guy who shot his twin bro 5 years ago
They come together at art event where St. K brought in R to infiltrate and K’s being blackmailed, he saves her, she joins SK because otherwise she’ll prob go to jail
Her boss betrays her, then gets killed
Ends with massive shoot-out in gun range’s mock city; she ends up killing AB because R’s out of bullets or something (after she manages to contort herself out of restraints, of course, thanks to lots of yoga)
And then they leave Phoenix to go back to the Pacific Northwest to live happily ever after

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