Friday, November 23, 2007

um, no.

Someone to Love
By Jude Deveraux

Jace's fiance died suspiciously in England; he finds a postcard sent to her days before her death several years later with a house on it and is still not over her, so he buys the estate and tries to figure it out. Helped by Nigh, local girl who'd been a war reporter for a few years, hindered by housekeeper Mrs. Brown; also ghosts in estate that they interact with. Mrs. Brown is actually the aunt of a mobster who'd had affair with the now dead fiance when she was a teen in England at boarding school (which she never told Jace about), he tried to get back together with her when she and Jace were in england but she turned him down. He told Mrs. Brown she broke his heart, she killed the fiance in a guest room at the local pub where she was staying and made it look like suicide. Jace makes friends with his estate employees and townspeople over the course of the story, and stays there but buys smaller place with Nigh, since his love for her helped him recover from the dead fiance and all he learned about her after her death.

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