Saturday, January 26, 2008

random drive-by blogging

i was at a trade [educational] convention this weekend, and i'm in a book-y mood.

[side note: independent booksellers can drink like CHAMPS. i might be in the wrong business.]

here's what i have to say about 'meat: a love story', author - susan bourette: not much. I can't add a picture of the cover since the book doesn't pub 'til may and amazon doesn't have a photo. probably the cover art isn't final.

i'm kinda on a food book kick. local food and related topics are hott [sic]. i believed the info on the back of the ARC of this title that the book would give me insight into how to be a kinder carnivore [i am concerned about the animals, and i'm also realistic about my eating habits], all the while giving us a glimpse into the author's journey from omnivore to herbivore to omnivore to herbivore to omnivore.

i gave up before i got to the part about how to be a kinder carnivore because i couldn't slog through the memior of the author's food crises and their causes. i'm sure i agree that slaughter houses are nasty and would make many people cut the meat out of their diet, at least for a little while, but i already read 'fast food nation.' i've covered that part. i guess i'll just have to go back to the resources listed in 'Animal Vegetable Miracle' or find one of the other 5 hot local food books to tell me what to do.

they can't all be good many of them aren't.

have i blogged 'fast food nation' or 'animal vegetable miracle?' is this thing searchable? [si, una perdedora...]

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