Friday, August 01, 2008

How do things like this get published?

The Death Dealer
by Heather Graham

This is the sequel to The Death Room, which, unfortunately, I didn't really discuss when I "reviewed" it (cop-out post).

In that one, Leslie's fiance Matt dies, and then she starts seeing/talking to ghosts, including him; there's also super-weird nights where she somehow has sex with a ghost. She almost falls for Matt's doppleganger cousin Joe during a period when she's attempting to help with archeological renovations in lower Manhattan, talking to ghosts who help her make "amazing" discoveries, and there's someone killing hookers, and at the end Leslie essentially sacrifices herself to save Genevieve, who's actually a social worker trying to save hookers who'd been held by the killer for a few weeks, and then she gets to be with Matt after all. Super-weird.

And in this one, she's still hanging around, providing interstitial narrator-type chapters. Someone's killing people in an Edgar Allen Poe club, and Genevieve's worried about her mom, who's a board member, and she's kept in touch with Joe, who's a PI, so they work to figure it out, and start to fall for each other, but both are worried that Joe's also still in love with the dead Leslie, and they also both start seeing/talking to ghosts, eventually calling in the professional ghost-people who helped Leslie in the first book, and at the end the killer's found and they realize they only love each other, and Mom survives, and then Leslie and Matt can finally rest. Again, super-weird.

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That isn't Heather "Felicity Shagwell" Graham, is it?

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