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bad enough to be good?

Title: A Brewing Storm/ A Raging Storm/ A Bloody Storm
Author: "Richard Castle"

Remember, the rule is: everything you read gets posted, no matter how embarrassing it is.

I was a fan of Castle when it first started.  This season, they're losing my interest fast.  It was a lot more fun when every single case didn't have some handy lesson for the two main characters about their newfound relationship.  I don't care.  Really, I don't.  I want to see clever murders, and more clever detectives catching the SOBs what done the deeds.  I do not want to see long, meaningful glances between Castle and Beckett whenever a suspect or witness says "you can't date someone you work with!  That's a disaster waiting to happen!  Who would be that STUPID??"  Sad thing is, I even like the scenes related to Castle's writing.  More than the relationship garbage.  Maybe they could give Ryan and Esposito their own show.  I'd probably watch that, until someone ruined it.

Anyway.  Books.  Yes.

These are three shorter "books" (about 85 pages each, available only as ebooks) which make up one longer story.  I finished reading the third one today, and I still can't decide whether the series is brilliant or terrible.

I'll argue both cases.

They read like a hilarious spoof parody (I know it's redundant, but it's piled on thick, and I want to make that clear) of James Bond movies and Robert Ludlum books.  I laughed at ridiculous scenes, lines, images, and the general idea of every section.  By the third book, they've spun a senator's stepson's kidnapping up to a mystery about $60 billion (with a B) in Russian gold bullion (they also say "60 billion in bullion" a lot, and I just think that's funny) buried somewhere in Uzbekistan.  I think.  The characters are laughable caricatures of Ludlum's tough guys who are always total experts at guns and surveillance and crap, and the quippy lothario wanna-bes we can safely blame the James Bond franchise for infesting all action movies.  It's hilarious.  I can't possibly take any of it seriously.

Holy shit, people.  Spell check is already in your word processing software.  It's usually automatic.  Red means the word is spelled wrong; green is questionable grammar.  And maybe, if you're going to try ham-fisted marketing like publishing real books from your TV show's fake writer, you should maybe have just one person proofread it before you release anything.  That's all I ask.   I'll do it, no problem.  I could use a job, and a good laugh.  While reading these, I took a break one morning to do a crossword puzzle that poked fun at how people say things like "ex cetera" and "supposably," but that sort of thing ACTUALLY WAS IN THIS BOOK.  Incorrect words happen all the time, stuff is spelled wrong, and at one point, the wrong character was cited in dialog (it was "Showers said," when Storm had been the one talking).  Worse yet, the character named I-shit-you-not April Showers was once referred to as Flowers.  It wasn't someone making fun of her--it wasn't even in dialog.

"It's not the size of the gun that matters," Flowers said flatly, "but the man using it." She smiled appreciatively at Storm.

They hadn't even had sex yet, and they've got her saying crap like that.  I think she was so embarrassed for herself that she used a pseudonym for that line of dialog and hoped nobody would notice.

I checked these out from the library because I was waiting for the first book in the main Real Books by the Fake Author Richard Castle Series to be returned, but now I'm afraid to bother.  What if they're all this bad?

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