Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I hope this is the start of a series!

Title: Bad Attitude
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon

With a title like this, you know what you’re in for. :-)

JD Steele, a former army sniper with anger management issues, is recruited by a super secret agency (the Bureau of American Defense, or “BAD”) to infiltrate a ring of bad-guy snipers, one of whom will be given the contract to assassinate some foreign dignitary whose death will result in nuclear war or something.

His new partner, Syndey Westbrook, is apparently a shorter, slightly pudgier version of Angelina Jolie. Of course.

To get into the sniper ring, you have to prove your worth. These guys are serious. They send someone from within the ring after you for a day – if you live, you’re accepted. And, obviously, Steele and Sydney didn’t know this until the “game” had started.

They wander around DC and the surrounding countryside, shooting up various locations and people. Blah, blah, Steele survives.

They use Steele’s new connections to hack into the sniper ring’s records, and, lo and behold, Steele recognizes the sniper who gets the assignment in question as his father (who also was a well-respected sniper in the army back in the day), so he has to choose his loyalties…

Then the ball where the dignitary’s going to die arrives, so Steele and Sydney go in to find dear old dad.

Plot twist ahead!

(SPOILER) It’s not dad! It’s little sis! Tina was always resentful for being ignored and though unworthy of shooting stuff just because she’s a girl, so she became a mercenary in her own right, poisoning people. But because she’s a girl and the hero’s sister, she only kills bad people. Therefore, BAD should obviously recruit her, and add her to the agency’s roster.

And Steele and Sydney get married. The end.

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