Saturday, April 07, 2007

maybe I should try this...

Title: Manhunting
Author: Jennifer Cruise

I feel like I’ve read this one before, though not recently. Eh, whatever.

Kate’s a type-A, overachieving financial planner. She decides it’s time to get married and settle down and stuff, so she goes off to a ritzy resort in the country to meet rich, eligible bachelors (I think I might need to try this…).

All the guys staying at the resort that she meets are assholes. Fortunately, she seems to be bad luck, and they all suffer unfortunate accidents when out with her (falling down a ravine while hiking, sprained ankles during golf, etc.). And she quickly finds an ally in Jake, the apparent handy-man, who lets her tag along when he goes out “fishing” for a few hours every morning on the lake in a small boat (“fishing” because he doesn’t use bait because he doesn’t really want to catch anything).

Kate’s do-gooder side takes over, and she decides to help Nancy, the owner of the town bar, expand her business, which somehow involves her waitressing there.

Everyone in town’s thrilled to see Jake with a good woman, because he’s actually the brother (and silent partner) of the resort owner, who used to be a high-powered accountant.

Various things transpire, and since Kate and Jake are both incredibly stubborn, she goes home and they both end up miserable, until they realize their mistakes, make a few compromises, and come back together in the end.


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Blogger Elizabeth said...

If you ever do try it, bring me along. There's a compound bow beneath my bed that's just dying to be used.

4/07/2007 8:15 PM  

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