Saturday, April 07, 2007

we've moved on from muffins to booze

Title: Motif for Murder
Author: Laura Childs

More of the scrapbooking and recipes. This one’s been in the pile for reviewing for quite a while. All I really remember is that Carmella’s husband (whom I really don’t think I like) gets kidnapped, and his sister acts like a giant bitch (I definitely don’t like her), and Carmella and her friend Ava rescue him from the bad guys, and there’s a big conspiracy that somehow Carmella solves before the police do.

More importantly, I need to try a few of these recipes. Like “Ava’s Dixie Julep” – 2 oz. bourbon, 1 tsp. powdered sugar, and 3 sprigs mint, served over ice. Mmm… alcohol, sugar, and mint – how can you go wrong?

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