Monday, April 23, 2007

somewhat out of character

Title: Act of War
Author: Dale Brown

Stolen nuclear weapons are used to take out a Haliburton-like complex (and a radius of several miles surrounding it). The country goes on the defensive, and Jason’s top-secret project gets called into action while still in development – robot-like contraptions that a person rides in and controls, so they’re essentially super-human.

There’s lots of intrigue and conspiracy and a group of environmentalists that are blamed for the nukes because they have an infiltrator who wants revenge for someone taking over something in Russia, and the President’s almost killed a few times, and he’s got a traitor near the top, etc., but Jason and his team save the day in the end.

Half the reason I made myself finish this book is because it’s NOT a trashy novel. But I like those. This was okay, but a bit too serious for what I’m going for when reading fiction…

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Blogger Elizabeth said...

Robot-like contraptions that a person rides in and controls? Sounds like something from my summer anime project, this bizarre mecha series with lots of Christian psychobabble. Definitely different.

4/24/2007 8:08 PM  

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