Monday, April 23, 2007

meant to start doing this a long time ago - but now's as good a time as any

Books I got out from the library but just didn’t have enough motivation to finish (or in some cases, start):

Title: The Dirty Girls Social Club
Author: Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez
It has a lovely, colorful cover, but I kept reaching for other books from the pile.

Title: I Like You – Hospitality Under the Influence
Author: Amy Sedaris
I’ve read chunks of this at my friends’ house. It’s hilarious. Again, I just kept reaching for other books in the pile.

Title: Savannah Blues
Author: Mary Kay Andrews
Got halfway. Not motivated to finish. Southern gal dealing with divorce, accused of murdering her replacement. Eh.

Title: Jude’s Law
Author: Lori Foster
I really tried. Jude’s a champion cage-type fighter who transitioned to movie star, May’s a “real woman” (aka she’s pudgy), and someone’s trying to kill him using her whiny brother who has tons of gambling debts. The plot’s more absurd than usual, and there’s way too much of the macho men and the timid women floating about for me to keep reading.

Title: Simply Sexy
Author: Carly Phillips
Maybe I don’t like divorcees? Didn’t enjoy either of the romantic leads, and promptly lost interest.

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