Sunday, April 29, 2007

if I hadn't promised to write about every book...

Title: Body Double
Author: Tess Gerritsen

Maura's a medical examiner, and has been on vacation in Paris for a bit - she arrives home and finds her house surrounded by police, because a body was found that looks exactly like her. Turns out it's her identical twin sister that she didn't know existed. Totally freaks out everyone else on the ME's staff.

So I'm pretty sure I finished this book, but it was a while ago and I don't really remember much.

Her long-lost mother is a serial killer, in prison and supposedly schizophrenic, but I'm pretty sure Maura figures out that she's faking it. There's also a long-lost brother of some sort who's carrying on the family tradition of serial killing, a pregnant detective who almost dies, and some other people who do die. Ta-da!

Someday I will write a non-worthless review. :-)


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Blogger Elizabeth said...

Until that day you write a "non-worthless review," there's always Dead Sexy: There's No Rest for the Wiccan, by Tate Halloway! (And you know, looking up that title online, guess what I discovered? It's part of a series!)

Although I will certainly debate the assertion that your reviews are "worthless." : ) Without them, my life would certainly be less -- er -- adventuous?

4/29/2007 7:28 PM  

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