Saturday, August 25, 2007

Checked out of the library, possibly started, but definitely unfinished

Title: Infidel
Author: Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Biography of a Somali woman now living in the Netherlands and very politically active. Too serious (not that I thought it'd be amusing to read about Islam, female mutilation, politics, forced marriage, and such, but I just got it out at the wrong time).

Title: Sugar Daddy
Author: Lisa Kleypas

Even though I certainly want to find one of these for myself, I never even opened the book.

Title: A Marked Man
Author: Stella Cameron

Max has been framed for the deaths of two girlfriends; Annie has some sort of tragic past; another friend goes missing, so Max is the prime suspect. Annie and Max are just full of way too many issues for me to keep reading.

Title: Bake Sale Murder
Author: Leslie Meier

Despite the cupcakes on the cover, this book just didn't interest me enough to get past page 10. And I love cupcakes.

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