Sunday, March 04, 2007

From Alaska to South America

Title: Hide and Seek
Author: Cherry Adair

I hadn't realized I read two books by this author so close together until I discovered this one in the pile of things to review. And it just gets worse.

Delanie's a repressed kindergarden teacher posing as arm candy for a South American terrorist. She had a brief fling with Kyle a few years ago, then ran away from his hotel room.

Kyle's this super-brilliant MD/PhD who finished up school at like 20. He also happens to be the brother of Derek. Sigh.

The crazy terrorist is planning to create a giant smallpox-like epidemic. Conveniently, he knew Kyle in college, so Kyle's brother gets him to turn into a secret agent and infiltrate the terrorist's group.

Delanie's there because her flighty little sister was last seen with the terrorist.

Kyle and Delanie only knew each other that one weekend - he picked her up in a hotel bar, they never spoke again, but apparently she fell for him so hard that she knows his voice when he happens upon her sunbathing topless by the terrorist's pool.

They finally have to reveal their secrets to each other to save the world and her sister. The terrorist is totally nutso. But, conveniently, he's either asexual or gay, and only likes to have arm candy for the image it projects, and Delanie's not really a slut.

So Kyle and Delanie battle the terrorist and his cronies and his evil mother, and then he brings in reinforcements (like his brother... actually, there's a few brothers - they're bound to show up soon enough in other books), and everyone lives. Except the terrorist, who gets fed to piranhas. Yay!

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Blogger Elizabeth said...

You know, ket, it's getting to the point were I suspect that you simply make all these books up!

3/05/2007 9:40 PM  

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