Sunday, March 04, 2007

the Iditarod. Really.

Title: On Thin Ice
Author: Cherry Adair

Yes, you've seen things from this author on here before. And this one's just as believable. :-)

Lily Munroe's a recent widow; her husband was a lying jerk, but she stuck with him as he spent 3 years dying of cancer because she's a nice person.

She's always had a rivalry, personal and professional, with Derek Wright. She thinks of him as a useless playboy, because he's always jetting off places. But she may have been mistaken...

They both happen to be really good sled dog racers. And so they set out for the Iditarod. Along the trail someone tries to kill her, and Derek's always there to save the day. And to sleep with her.

And by the end, I don't remember why they're trying to kill her, though I think it had something to do with the dead husband, but Cherry manages to have Derek actually be a super-secret government operative who works with the guys from this book.

Then Lily and Derek have a silent battle of wills for a few months where neither will compromise, even though they're meant to be together, and then it all works out.

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