Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Fraternity of Death

I read a book. Sort of.

This'll be combined take on two books in a series (although the second book takes place during the senior year, so I don't know how much more the author can do. I read the first one a while back and now am most of the way through the second. Both copies were galley proofs.

I have a weakness for anything vaguely greek related, even if it's fictional really really secret society greek-y such as the 'Rose & Grave' organization in this book. I kinda got hooked into the first book when the main character mentioned Cleveland related stuff that you wouldn't know unless you'd been there or lived there; I'll assume that the author lived there before she ran away to be famous.

These books are decent light reads. They have that teen drama guilty pleasure feel, but the language and sex keep them in the grown-up section. A good dose of girl power gets added in since the story focuses on the first group of girls allowed into the boys club, which of course includes high ranking government people and CEOs and such.

There's also good boy friend, and a bad boyfriend (very P&P, a major addiction of mine)...

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Blogger reyn said...

P&P? Pride and Prejudice? Pudding and Popsicles? Puppies and Pepto?

9/07/2007 8:38 AM  

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