Sunday, September 24, 2006

Born to be Wiiiiiild

How would you try to spell the way it sounds in the song?

Title: Born to be Wild
Author: Catherine Coulter

It's so hard to remember what goes on in these books, since I'm really not going for retention...

Mary Lisa is a highly successful soap opera star - she's regularly winning Emmy's, everybody loves her, etc.

One day, someone tries to run her down, and the cops can't figure out who did it. Her friend, Lou Lou the makeup artist, starts a thing with the lead detective (hah! I know you were thinking she'd go for the cop!).

Mary Lisa goes home to some small town in Oregon to hide out with her family for a while. If my family was like hers, I think I'd run the other way. Middle sister Monica is married to ML's former fiance, whom she stole a few weeks before the wedding. Monica's now running for state rep. She's not very nice. Littlest sis Kelly's a bit of a drama queen. Apparently she was married for a week, but nobody bothered to tell ML. She was recently dumped by John, the local DA. And, best of all, there's Mom. She's a tight-a$$ snob who just radiates resentment every time she speaks to ML, and pretty much berates and belittles her constantly. Only Dad truly loves her.

ML meets John, he thinks she's cute (nope. You're wrong again.), but nothing happens because she knows his history with Kelly, and doesn't want to hurt her sister. ML also meets Jack, the local police chief and John's best friend. Kelly has decided that he'll be her next conquest, in order to get back at John, but Jack has other plans (finally!).

ML goes back to Malibu, Jack shows up on her doorstep to protect her, and they get back to work figuring out what's going on, with the help of Lou Lou, Detective Danny (her cop), and Elizabeth (ML's friend who's a local TV anchor - don't feel bad for John, because he ends up with her).

There were probably a few more attempts on ML's life and stuff. Plus she has to develop a relationship with Jack.

Speaking of, he arrested her the last time she was in Oregon (3 years ago), so they have to deal with that (she was just getting back at her bastard ex-fiance, but Jack, as a man, took offense at her damaging Mark's car).

Oh, there's also a random murder or two in Oregon that John and Jack are dealing with. But they're totally capable of multi-tasking.

And everyone lives happily ever after, though there's no discussion of how Jack can be the police chief in Oregon while ML's got a career in Malibu. Don't the authors think about the practical parts of relationships ever???


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