Sunday, September 09, 2007

Like a vampire book? Me?

Title: Twilight
Author: Stephenie Meyer

I never thought I'd read a vampire book, let alone one that I simply could not put down. However, when the third book of this series beat out Harry Potter 7 on the NYT bestseller list after only a few weeks, I thought I had to try it.

Isabella Swan, or Bella, is a high school senior who has just moved from sunny Arizona to live with her father, Charlie, in Forks, Washington - the location with the most rainfall in the United States. Everything is far too green for her and she is having a horrible time.

But then she meets Edward Cullens. Edward and his adopted siblings, Alice, Jasper, and Rosalie, keep to themselves. They "eat" lunch by themselves - they get food, but they always throw it away untouched.

At first, Bella thinks Edward loathes her. Later, she discovers that he finds her so tempting the he is trying to avoid her at all costs. He's a vampire and she smells more delicious to him than any other human ever has. Of course, that translates to him being madly in love with her. She feels the same.

Then some different vampires come to town, ones who haven't trained themselves to be around humans and only to hunt animals. Edward protects Bella from one of them, and soon this vampire, James, has decided that he must suck Bella's blood. He stalks her endlessly, eventually attacks her, and bites her, but Edward saves the day. He sucks the poison out of her blood, and is able to stop himself from draining her fully.

How romantic.

Hmmm, this review makes the book sound pretty cheesy actually. It is at times but it is also really good. I'm already "devouring" the second one!

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