Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Hello, darkness, my old friend...

Title: Hello, Darkness
Author: Sandra Brown

Paris, a late-night radio DJ (much like the real-life Delilah, who drives me nuts), receives a troubling call from one of her listeners, saying that he (Valentino) has a girl and he’s going to kill her in three days.

She calls the police, and they bring in the big guns, Dean, a criminal psychologist. Shockingly, Paris and Dean have a history! Paris was engaged to Dean’s best friend, Jack, when they all lived in Houston, but Jack was in a terrible car accident and spent the past seven years in a coma. Paris was a devoted caregiver, etc.

Dean’s 16-year-old son, Gavin, is a bit of a trouble-maker. His preferred extracurricular activities are getting high, getting drunk, and getting laid. Conveniently, there’s a “sex club” that all the cool kids are in – they have screennames and chat rooms, and go to meeting spots where they all have sex with other random members of the group. Woo hoo!

There’s no actual proof that Valentino has a girl, just his claims made over the phone from untraceable lines. However, one of the leaders of the sex club has gone missing. The daughter of a local and powerful judge, she’s notorious within the police department, and the cops all know that whomever brings her home will usually get a tip ($$$) from dad for keeping her name out of the news. Judge Dad and WASP-y mom are in complete denial that their daughter might be in trouble, preferring that her name and photo not be released to the media, even though if she is missing it could help find her sooner, because they figure she’s probably just off on a bender and don’t want all that bad publicity.

All the cops working with Paris have a thing for her, but she’s rather oblivious. Plus, there’s her chemistry with Dean. Apparently (according to several flashbacks) they met a while after she started dating Jack, but felt an instant connection that they couldn’t act on. Of course, they’re both single now…

But, more importantly, they need to find Valentino and the (potentially missing) girl. Right. Because the relationship totally has lower priority.

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