Thursday, September 13, 2007

Now with Werewolves!

Title: New Moon
Author: Stephenie Meyers

In book two of this delicious vampire series, the Cullens family (the vampires) leaves Forks, Washington. Bella is a magnet for danger, and Edward feels that he and his family can no longer add to that. So they leave.

Bella is left wallowing in the deepest pits of despair. After months of excessive amounts of schoolwork as distraction, she visits a friend and Quiluete Indian, Jacob Black, to get help restoring two very old motorcycles. Bella has discovered that when she puts her life in danger, she can clearly hear Edward's voice yelling at her to knock it off. She wants to keep hearing his voice, and she figures a motorcycle is as good a way as any.

Jacob immediately agrees to help, as he, like every male in these books, has a crush on Bella. Bella soon finds that she enjoys his company immensely and he is the only one who can bring her out of her depression. However, she does not return his romantic feelings.

Then, one day, Jacob refuses to see her. She is told by his father, Billy, that Jacob is very sick. But the sickness lasts a month or more, and she occasionally sees Jacob in town. Then, Jacob visits her in the middle of the night, telling her that she should already know what has happened to him. He cannot tell her, but she can guess it. Remembering a story he'd told her about the Quiluete tribe and the pact they made with the vampires, she realizes he has become a werewolf. Being accustomed to vampires, she has no trouble accepting a werewolf.

But a nasty vampire named Victoria is stalking Bella. Jacob and his pack try to protect her. Then Alice, Edward's sister, returns to tell Bella that Edward has gone to a vampire family in Italy in a suicide attempt (he thinks Bella's dead). Danger and accidents abound. Friendships are re-established while others are broken.

It's a big mess, and I can't wait to find out what happens in the next one!

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